Don’t Fall into the Comparison Trap

Always a good thing to keep in mind, especially with social media slowly taking over our lives. Thank you, Kristin!

Why do we constantly search for happiness? It seems like we look for it everywhere – shopping, food, in other people. And yet we never seem to find contentment.

But I’ve recently come to realize something:

We will never find happiness outside of ourselves, because we already possess happiness within us.

In reality, everything we’ve been taught about “being happy” – owning a large house, wearing expensive clothes, dating an attractive person, being thin… –  are all just distractions away from the inner happiness we’ve possessed all along.

My toddler embodies this truth. He is happy. I mean genuinely happy. It takes no effort on his part. Sure he may have a tantrum when something doesn’t go his way, but the cloud quickly passes and he’s back to singing songs and dancing around the living room.

So what happens? How is it we lose touch with this inner source of…

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