Recipe Review: Chocolate and Hazelnut Mug Cake from Mother of Girls

Last week I tried the Birthday Cake Surprise mug cake from Mother of Girls, because I thought my son would try it so I let him pick which one I made. Turns out I was wrong; he did not want to try it. It was delicious, but I’m a chocoholic, so I wished I had made the Chocolate and Hazelnut mug cake instead.

So I did. And it was as good as I expected based on how good the birthday cake one was!

My son wasn’t as interested in helping me this time, so I held my daughter and she got to watch me add all the ingredients and give it a good stir.


Note the dollop of Nutella on top. Do not mix this in! Just leave it looking pretty right there.

As I said in my previous post, my microwave sucks. But, this time, it was done in 90 seconds! I guess it wanted to let me know it wasn’t totally incapable? Whatever the reason, I got my cake.


But where did the Nutella go? Don’t worry! It’s right there in the middle, like a beautiful pleasant surprise.

And of course I had to top it with more Nutella. What can I say? I like chocolate.


This time I got to eat it right away. This time it was not tough and chewy. This time it was hot and burning my mouth. I have got to figure out my timing here…

I have to admit the cake itself was a tad dry, but, with the Nutella, it was amazing! All that chocolatey goodness made me very happy. Definitely make sure you add something; you probably don’t want the cake by itself unless you’re big on tons of frosting or plan on adding a bit more of the wet ingredients. Overall, though, this mug cake is delicious, so go and try it (find the recipe at Mother of Girls!).

5 forks!

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What Do I Do When I Want Cake, But No One Else Does?

Well, sometimes I make cupcakes and freeze most of them.

Sometimes I look online for something like mug cakes!

I have a mug. Now that it’s practically summer here in Southern California, I don’t use it for hot chocolate. Instead, it sits and waits for winter to come along again.

Recently, Kimberly of Mother of Girls posted some mug cake recipes. They sounded so delicious, I just had to try one.

Of course, I thought my son wanted some, too. Nope, he just likes to mix. I would have picked the chocolate and hazelnut one instead of the birthday cake surprise one, but I guess tomorrow will be another cake day!

So, we made the birthday cake surprise one. I gave my son a fork to mix and added all the ingredients.

I’m not sure if he had more fun mixing or eating the sprinkles, but it all got mixed together.


The recipe says 90 seconds in the microwave, but my microwave sucks and it was still a little wet after 90 seconds. Back in it went for another 30!


In another attempt to get my son to try it, I asked if he wanted to top it with Nutella or sprinkles or both.


Which was just a clever plot to get more sprinkles and a spoon of Nutella. I really have to catch on one of these days…


Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to eating it for another 1.5 hours, so it was a little tough and chewy (which happens when you leave any cake or cupcake to cool in the pan!). But I did manage a few bites when it came out. Hot, of course, but moist and delicious.

Overall, this went a long way to satisfy my cake craving. It was easy, my toddler had fun (and got to be sneaky. Really, what is wrong with me?!), and it’s really very good. It’s not too sweet and not too doughy, but if you can’t eat it right away, it is kind of dry, so you will definitely want to top it with something.

5 forks!

Be sure to check out Mother of Girls and give her a follow! She has tons of amazing posts, and some traditional Scottish recipes I can’t wait to try.

Have a dessert recipe you’d like me to try? Just leave a link in the comments! Fair warning: I’m a chocoholic and won’t bake anything that uses cream cheese or sour cream. Can’t explain it, but they make me shudder.