My Family’s Top 5 Go-to Dinners

I'm really bad at meal planning. I hate having to think about what's for dinner. I'd rather be playing with my kids and trying to tell my son he doesn't have to hide in the same spot every single time. If I'm lucky, I remember and ask my husband what he'd like to eat a … Continue reading My Family’s Top 5 Go-to Dinners


Milkshake in a Jar

My husband looked at me like I was crazy. I prefer to think I was being creative. As a mom of two toddlers, every day is an exercise in creativity. My 4 year old has a strange problem with sounds. Alarms scare him. He refuses to flush the toilet because the sound scares him, but … Continue reading Milkshake in a Jar

Want to try scampi, but don't enjoy seafood? Try using chicken instead.

Chicken Scampi

This post was originally published on April 27th for National Shrimp Scampi Day without pictures.  I don’t eat seafood. But we like chicken, lemon, butter, and pasta. So we don’t do shrimp scampi, but chicken scampi instead! We were watching The Pioneer Woman one day and she was making shrimp scampi with pasta. Now, my … Continue reading Chicken Scampi

Have overripe bananas? Make this simple banana bread and enjoy, perhaps with a bit of Nutella spread on top.

Banana Bread

Growing up, we always had bananas on hand. I loved watching them ripen and then eagerly peel one open once it reached that beautiful yellow color with no green in sight. But, in college, the dining hall usually had bananas that weren't quite ripe. Sometimes they were just green. But I had to have my … Continue reading Banana Bread

Want a NY Style Pizza...but you don't live in NY? Try this recipe!

Close to NY Style Pizza!

Hello All! So I made an attempt to make NY style pizza at home. There is a small story to go with this recipe. I attempted this recipe three consecutive times. It is is NO WAY perfected. However, the third time did produce a very good tasting product. I love NY style pizza. I miss … Continue reading Close to NY Style Pizza!

Simple and easy summery tart using Graham crackers, thick yogurt, and fresh berries.

Berry Yogurt Tart

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had to go in every week for a progesterone shot. Most days were fairly routine: get my son into the car, drive over, get shot. But, on Wednesdays, it was: get my son into the car, drive over, walk through a farmer's market, get shot, walk out … Continue reading Berry Yogurt Tart

Cooking Bone-In NY Strip

  I enjoy having steak! So I thought this week I'd share a nice recipe with you! There is a small story that goes along with this recipe. Many years ago, I was running at night. While completing my run, with two friends, I noticed Gordon Ramsay was also running that evening. At first I … Continue reading Cooking Bone-In NY Strip