Turn a Pringles canister into a vase for real or fake flowers. It can be hung or simply displayed on a surface.

Reuse It: Turn a Pringles Canister Into a Vase

We go through phases with food. For two weeks we just have to have pasta every night for dinner. For a month my toddlers must have those little goldfish crackers for a snack every afternoon. For a week my oldest will only eat his dad's Indian-style chicken for lunch and dinner and then will spend … Continue reading Reuse It: Turn a Pringles Canister Into a Vase


Reuse It: 1 Liter Soda Bottle

Make a cake! No, seriously. Make a cake. It's a fun activity for kids and a great way to get dessert out of it. Oh, yeah, and it reuses a soda bottle. Well, I had planned on using a milk gallon, but found the one I had been saving for this experiment missing. My son … Continue reading Reuse It: 1 Liter Soda Bottle

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day from my child to yours, and me to you. This season my son is in a┬áTinkergarten class (more on that another time), so we made some Valentines for his class. With a baby we have accumulated many, many, many baby food jars, so I thought it would be cute to use them. … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day