Turn a Pringles canister into a vase for real or fake flowers. It can be hung or simply displayed on a surface.

Reuse It: Turn a Pringles Canister Into a Vase

Have an empty Pringles canister and don't want to waste it? Turn it into an easy and beautiful vase that can also display your child's, or anyone's, artwork.

We go through phases with food. For two weeks we just have to have pasta every night for dinner. For a month my toddlers must have those little goldfish crackers for a snack every afternoon. For a week my oldest will only eat his dad’s Indian-style chicken for lunch and dinner and then will spend two months refusing to touch meat.

And sometimes we all go through a Pringles phase. Yup, we can’t just eat one. Until we reach the saturation point and literally feel ill at the sight of another Pringles canister.

Those canisters are not small. I always feel like I’m wasting something whenever I toss one. So, I’ve come up with ways to reuse them. My husband has used a bunch of them to make a rocket for the kids. It’s been weeks and is still floating around. My daughter really loves stuffing the canisters will little plastic balls. And I? I have turned them into vases.

They’re actually just perfect for a vase. And for showcasing my son’s artwork. I’m a big fan of fake flowers as they never die and, as long as they don’t lie in the sun, never fade. My wedding bouquet is all fake flowers and, 8 years later, it’s still going strong. So I reuse the canisters as vases.

It’s really very simple.

Take a regular sized piece of paper and let your kids go to town on it. Sometimes my son draws on it, sometimes he paints, and sometimes we have stickers he wants to affix to the paper.

Once they’re done, take the paper and some clear tape. Simply wrap your kids’ artwork around the canister. Make sure the edge of the paper is along the bottom of the canister so you’re left with a bit of space at the top. This is especially important if you plan on hanging it.

Dress up the Pringles canister by wrapping it with a piece of artwork.

Yes, hang it! I can never find the hole puncher around here, so I just use a pen or the scissors to gouge two holes across from each other at the top. Though if you don’t want to hang it, you can always tie a pretty ribbon around it.

Turn a Pringles canister into a hanging vase by making two holes across from each other at the top.

If you do decide to hang it, string a ribbon through the holes. Tie it some distance away from the canister, though I leave this amount up to you. I like a bit of length so I can hang it and still see the pretty ribbon. You’ll want to tie a good, tight knot to make sure it stays.

Turn a Pringles canister into a hanging vase by wrapping it with some artwork, punching two holes into the top, and string a pretty ribbon through the holes.

I did one early in the Spring and filled it with fake flowers and it’s still hanging!

Fill with flowers. Fake flowers are my favorite, but you can also put real flowers in. Depending on how many flowers and the type of stems, you can use things like vitamin bottles, water bottles with the tops cut off, jam and jelly jars. Basically, any container that fits inside the canister.

Or you can use a gallon size plastic bag. Stuff the bag into the canister, trim off the edges, and wrap with a pretty ribbon. This can get a little tricky, for me anyways. After all, I’m just a craft attempter! So, be sure to not trim off too much.

Turn a Pringles canister into a vase for real flowers by stuffing it with a gallon size plastic bag and trim off the edges.Turn a Pringles canister into a vase for real flowers by stuffing it with a gallon size plastic bag, trim the edges, and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Then all you have to do is fill with water and add the flowers.

Turn a Pringles canister into a vase for real or fake flowers. It can be hung or simply displayed on a surface.

I’ve been adding some flowery cheer to my home and reusing these Pringles canisters we always seem to be swimming in.

Do you reuse Pringles canisters?


Reuse It: 1 Liter Soda Bottle

Make a cake!

No, seriously. Make a cake. It’s a fun activity for kids and a great way to get dessert out of it. Oh, yeah, and it reuses a soda bottle.

Well, I had planned on using a milk gallon, but found the one I had been saving for this experiment missing. My son was really disappointed. So, I looked around, desperately hoping that gallon was hiding somewhere.

Nope. But I found a 1 liter soda bottle. That could work. After all, I just wanted something my toddler could shake to his heart’s desire. And he does love shaking up his daddy’s soda.

My son was thrilled and eagerly ran to drag a chair into the kitchen.

What You Need

  • A 1 liter soda bottle, cleaned and with the cap
  • A  cake box mix of your favorite cake recipe
  • The ingredients for the cake mix
  • A funnel (one made of paper works well for the dry ingredients)


Since our bottle was still a little wet, we had fun pouring the wet ingredients (the water, oil, and eggs) in through the funnel first. My son got a kick out of it. “It’s pooping!” Giggles uncontrollably.

We have a funnel with a small opening, so he became frustrated fast when it took forever to pour the mix in. Though he did have fun at first when he got to use a butter knife to encourage the mix to go through the hole. We found using a paper funnel was much faster as we could control the size of the opening.


Once everything is in, screw on the cap tightly. And hand over to your kid. Shake, shake, shake! We used a lemon cake mix, so it turned a lovely shade of yellow.


Now, how do I get the mix into the baking pan?

Fortunately, the plastic bottle is flexible. So it just took some squeezing and a little bit of a shake to get most of it out. My son had a great time with the squeezing. Again, “it’s pooping!” What is it with kids and poop?!


Bake the cake. And admire how flat you managed to get that bottle.


Mmm. Dessert.


Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day from my child to yours, and me to you.

This season my son is in a Tinkergarten class (more on that another time), so we made some Valentines for his class.

With a baby we have accumulated many, many, many baby food jars, so I thought it would be cute to use them. After removing the labels, my son got to decorate with some heart and nature stickers. Not too bad for a 3 year old!

After a trip to the dollar store, we filled them with small balls, animal toys, erasers, and tops. Then we topped them with a foam rose, also from the dollar store.

I had to tie the ribbons on, but my son liked decorating and filling. Though I have to say his favorite part was getting the unused toys.

Happy Valentine’s Day!