Smile: My Miscarriage Story (Repost)

As October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, I am reposting my miscarriage story, which was originally posted on March 26, 2018. My son was born 4 years ago, before “rainbow baby” was a commonly used term. I certainly hadn’t heard of it until he was 1. Even though he is a rainbow … Continue reading Smile: My Miscarriage Story (Repost)

time for a blogging break and time with family

Looking Forward to Break Time

The days are long for a reason. We parents all know the saying. The days are long, but the years are short. Well, I'm starting to think the days are long for a reason. It may be tough, but every moment can be filled with teaching, whether it's the ABCs or simply being kind to … Continue reading Looking Forward to Break Time

An Apology to my Cat

Dearest Xena, My fluffy baby kitty, I am sorry, but I have introduced chaos into your life. I have given you not one, but two screaming siblings. When you first came home with me, it was just us: you, me, dad, and sister hamster. It was quiet and you got plenty of attention, treats, and … Continue reading An Apology to my Cat

Sleep Deprived Dreams

My daughter seems to be teething non-stop these days. While I'm glad she has more than two teeth, it means she sleeps very fitfully. Any noise will wake her. She'll take an hour to settle down. She'll just want to be held for an hour. And the teeth come in This mommy is tired. … Continue reading Sleep Deprived Dreams

Instafamous or Blissful Obscurity?

I saw a shirt in a children's clothing store that read #instafamous. Perhaps you've seen it, too. Perhaps your child even has it. I've seen at least one toddler wearing it already. But it made me stop and think, and what better day to ruminate on it than the one where I write about blogging … Continue reading Instafamous or Blissful Obscurity?

“What Did You Do to Your Walls?!”

Earlier today I was reading  Harold and the Purple Crayon to my kids. It's a cute classic from 1955 with a lot of purple (of course). While I enjoyed Harold's creativity and hope my kids pick up on it, as an adult I wonder if his parents asked: "What did you do to your walls?!" … Continue reading “What Did You Do to Your Walls?!”