Happy Birthday, Furbaby!

It's Monday, which means it's time for another motherhood related post. But it's also October, which means my furbaby is a year older. I don't post about her often, but this furbaby is a sometimes affectionate, sometimes feisty, mostly skittish cat named Xena (yes, after the warrior princess, except we call her warrior kitty). When … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Furbaby!


This One’s For My Cat

August has not been a kind month. It woke me up on the very first day with bad news, and bad news kept rolling in. We're only now getting to a point where some good is being let in, but this past month has been rough. If you've been a Saturday reader enjoying The Husband's … Continue reading This One’s For My Cat

An Apology to my Cat

Dearest Xena, My fluffy baby kitty, I am sorry, but I have introduced chaos into your life. I have given you not one, but two screaming siblings. When you first came home with me, it was just us: you, me, dad, and sister hamster. It was quiet and you got plenty of attention, treats, and … Continue reading An Apology to my Cat

Is My Cat Annoyed With Me?

Before having kids, my cat was my baby. She slept for hours on my lap, kept us company at the foot of the bed, enjoyed treats more often than she should have, and could stretch out wherever she pleased. She was our little spoiled rotten princess. Then she became a big sister. At first, it … Continue reading Is My Cat Annoyed With Me?

How Does She Sleep Like That?

For about 5 years now I have watched my cat sleep. Like all cats, Xena enjoys contorting herself, if she's not finding the strangest hiding places. For years, this has been her favorite sleeping position, and I always wonder, "how is that even comfortable?!" But she's a cat, so I guess she must be comfortable. … Continue reading How Does She Sleep Like That?

Meet My Cat

This is Xena. She has been with us for about 5 years now. She's a bit of an oddball cat, but I love my kitty. Occasionally she will probably make an appearance. So, here she is. My beautiful cat whom we adopted in Maryland, moved to Pennsylvania, and have now permanently moved to Southern California. … Continue reading Meet My Cat