Book Rating System

  • 5 stars – absolutely loved the story, couldn’t put it down; few to no writing flaws
  • 4.5 stars – loved the story, which may have some minor flaws; some writing flaws
  • 4 stars – really liked the story, but had some flaws that I couldn’t get past; writing flaws also began to interfere with my reading enjoyment
  • 3.5 stars – liked the story, but wanted to like it more; story flaws more significant; minor issues with the characters and their characterization; more serious writing flaws
  • 3 stars – ambivalent about the story, liked some of it and disliked other parts; major story flaws and inconsistencies; writing mistakes more significant and interfere with the storytelling
  • 2.5 stars – liked the premise, so wanted to like the story, but it had problematic flaws and could have been told better; frankly, more tell than show throughout; characters unrealistic, inconsistent, and generally drove me crazy; writing flaws major and only seemed to make the story worse
  • 2 stars – story was okay and at least I made it to the end; significant flaws all around
  • 1.5 stars – honestly, I had to force myself to finish it
  • 1 star – what could be worse? Abandonment. The book was so bad and so poorly written I just couldn’t torture myself any more. Sorry.

The Bottom Line, or 30 Second Book Reviews

The Twelve Stones by R.J. Johnson

Scraps of Paper by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

The Lot of a Nobody by Dave Johnston

Time Burrito by Aaron Frale

The Bottom Line, or 30 Second Book Reviews

The Dragon’s Cave by Rose-Marie Lyttle

The Danish Way of Parenting by Jessica Joelle Alexander and Iben Sandahl

Deadly Choices by D. L. Barnhart

Eve by Patti Larsen

The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Russell

Atlas by Becca C. Smith